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Public Option will lead to a Single Payer System

Summary of Arguments against the Public Option for Healthcare insurance

The degree of complexity in Obamacare is becoming understood.  See Charts.

Public options are most prevalent in foreign countries, and in most cases lead to rationing and waiting lines.

Is the public option just a setup for a single-payer system?  Certainly the hints are quite strong that it is intended to be so.   See Obama on Single Payer.

The public option is one of 4 basic tenets in Obamacare, and in any of the Bills currently proposed in Congress.  It is a key aspect of having Federal controlled healthcare in America.

The reality that the public payer option totally changes the dynamics is setting in, and the funding requirements are large, daunting actually, and are a strong deterrent for many. 

See the video for some insights in the arguments against the public option.   Clearly however it appears that the public option is popular with a number of organizations, who want to be included in the power structure and perhaps control the outcome,  but also it does represent a dissatisfaction with insurance based healthcare.   It is a solution that is not a good solution, and hopefully more will see it as a Post Office Care that it is.

Single payer is the ultimate goal, do not be mistaken about this question: