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The politics of Healthcare need reform

Lobby Groups in DC and How are the doing:

Interesting that the Administration favors a single payer approach because they equate the current situation with market based, even though they point out that there are 58 lobbyists per congressman in DC.

Is this market based, what we have now?  Of course not.  

Is this effort driving costs up?  Most certainly.

So who are the major players and how are they fairing?

746 lobbying groups are active in healthcare lobbying, according to  

In the portion of the next video that is the presentation by Connor of Cato, this answer begins to take shape:  Video  It is clear from this and the discussion on The Rugby Match of Politics that the special interests have dominated the policy making in healthcare.

AMA:  American Medical Association has struck a strong pose in the interests of doctors.  Being so outspoken and single minded, they are trying to regain a position at the table of Obamacare, much to the surprise of its members.  AMA is not seen by doctors as speaking for them.

AHA:  is the American Hospital Association.   Recently making news about making commitments to the Administration to reduce their costs by many billions.  As Connors mentions in the video above, this is not without precedent of evasion.  They have been effective at times at gaining restrictive practices intended to reduce competition for hospitals.

American Insurance Lobby:  is desperately trying to be a part of the procession towards Obamacare.