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The politics of Healthcare need reform


Notes from Scandlen, Heartland on the current condition and views on this Bill

As of this writing the House bill has been voted on favorably by two of the three committees of jurisdiction. The members obviously have not had the time to read the 1,000-page bill, let alone air these ideas with their constituents. But none of that matters when you're on a steam roller.

More and more interesting things are being discovered as people have the time to read through this leviathan. Investor's Business Daily got to page 16 and discovered that people will no longer be able to buy health insurance outside of the Connector.

SOURCE: Investor's Business Daily

The Chicago Tribune looked at the bill and decided the "public option" is a "scam." Writer Steve Chapman is not persuaded that a public option will "increase competition" since there are already 1,300 health insurance companies in the country. He concludes, "the president's real enthusiasm is not for competition but for government expansion."

SOURCE: Chicago Tribune

The Congressional Budget Office has reviewed the bill and discovered there is no real cost containment in it at all. Director Douglas Elmendorf delivered the bad news to Kent Conrad's (D-ND) Budget Committee. He reported that rather than "bending the cost curve, the curve is being raised." That kind of belies the argument that health reform will pay for itself over time.

SOURCE: Washington Post

Passing committee is one thing, but Blue Dog Democrat Mike Ross (D-AR) says, "there's no way they can pass the current bill on the House floor. Not even close." He says many Democrats will not vote for any bill that fails to reduce costs and relies on deficit funding to pay the bills.

SOURCE: Politico