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statements of the many problems

List of Issues and Current Publications

Heritage List of Issues:           Web page, Fix Healthcare Policy

NCPA list of recent articles:      Web page

Cato podcasts:                        Web page

McKinsey Healthcare:             Web page

AEI on Healthcare:                 Web page

Hennessey on Healthcare:         Web page

Fraser Institute:                          Web page

New York Post:                        Web page

Free Market Healthcare:            Web page

Free Market Cure:                     Web page

Coalition to Advance Healthcare Reform:             Web page

Defend Your healthcare:             Web page

Conservatives for Patient Rights:             Web page

Reason Foundation:             Web page

Hands off My Healthcare:             Web page

Rethink Reform:             Web page


Express views online, a list from Greg Scandlen: at Heartland

You don't need to go to Iowa, or even leave your living room, to get involved. There are a host of ways to express your views on-line. Here are a few.

NCPA has been promoting a "Free our health care now!" ( petition that already has 400,000 signers. It also has an "action pack" ( so you can spread the word even further.

The Galen Institute has put together a "Do no harm" ( petition calling on Congress to follow the Hippocrates oath to "First, do no harm" when it tries to heal health care.

I like this one a lot. It is put together by the Social Security Institute and it invites you to "Opt Out of Government-Run and Government-Mandated Healthcare." (

This one calls on Members of Congress to sign up ( for any government-run insurance program it may come up with. Just imagine getting Congress to put itself on Medicaid.

And the Center for Medicine in the Public Interest says Keep your "Hands Off my Health!" (

And here is a terrific resource for physicians but together by our friend Dr. David McKalip, "Take Back Medicine." (