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in 2009 there is no bigger issue

Recent Survey Results:

Aug 16:  Rasmussen Report indicates that "54% Say Passing No Healthcare Reform Better Than Passing Congressional Plan.  A plurality of voters under 30 say passage of the Congressional legislation is better. Not surprisingly, there is a huge partisan divide on this issue. Sixty percent (60%) of Democrats say passing the legislation in Congress would be the best course of action. However, 80% of Republicans take the opposite view." 

New numbers out from Fox News/Opinion Dynamics mid-August continue the downward spiral showing the American people overwhelmingly reject Obamacare -- and the numbers in opposition keep growing.

34% favor the government takeover of health care while 49% oppose the Democrat plan.  The full poll is here (pdf) In a complete rejection of the radical attack by Democrats on the town hall protesters, a USA Today/Gallup poll released yesterday showed 34% of the 1,000 persons polled on Tuesday said that the protests at the Congressional town hall meetings have made them more sympathetic to the views of the protesters while only 21% say that they are less sympathetic.

In the most revealing number from that poll report, 35% of independents were more sympathetic to the protesters while only 16% were less sympathetic.  Independents side with the town hall protesters by a 2-to-1 margin. 

When a left-leaning news outlet like USA Today reports those kinds of numbers on independents it causes a real conundrum for red state Democrats trying to choose between monetary and organizational re-election support from their far-left national leadership and their ACORN voter registration schemes, or siding with the people they represent in their districts.

President Obama is paying a hefty political price for his health care boondoggle as his own unfavorable numbers sharply increased.  In yesterday’s Rasmussen Presidential tracking poll  only 47% of voters now approve of the President’s job performance while 52% disapprove.  A mere 29% of the nation's voters strongly approve of Obama’s performance as President, yet 37% strongly disapprove giving Obama a Presidential Approval Index rating of -8.  These are historically the lowest numbers from voters that Rasmussen has compiled since they began polling on Obama.

Older survey results:

Many surveys have been run recently.  Some results are presented on the survey page.  The summary of the results could be stated that the citizens concerns about Obamacare the intrusion of the government into their lives is growing rapidly.  Folks do want reform, but do not want the government to run their healthcare, or their lives, like they seem to be running some of the other sectors of the economy.

Rasmussen survey reports underscores some realities in the healthcare politics.  The citizens at large think that the actions that Congress are considering will make things worse and raise taxes.

Survey results continue to indicate a declining support for Obamacare, and a desire for the government to go slower in determining the best course of reform.  The Dems are attacking other Dems, blame is going around like free services. 

It is also apparent that with the high expectations in the liberal community, built early, that this represents a pressure on Obama to deliver a liberal set of reforms. So the political pressures have built on both sides, providing a limited set of options going forward.

This leads one to wonder if the entire reform effort had been done more diligently and over a few year period, if the entire population would have been more supportive, and the options not so limited.