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New Old Item:  A good way to save this sinking ship, and to do the right thing is a 3 year attack plan, starting with increased competition.  Are we in favor of free market to drive down costs or not?

New Item:  A solid analysis of Obamacare, and the Baucus Bill and how it affects the general public, and what it costs. In other words, the effects and costs are worse than most are revealing.

Newish Item: A expose on Obamacare and how well the Baucus Bill meets the needs Obamacare was originally targeting. In other words, the farce continues to increase.

Newish Item: A expose on why Healthcare costs so much in the State of New York, and how it relates to Obamacare.  It is ugly and instructive.

Newish Item:  A personal experience in Massachusetts, and how bad this version of Obamacare is working.  Another example of too much government.

Ready for more welfare? The polls and the people are saying NO. This article gives great insight into the historic context and the answer.

Why is the emphasis not to put price tags back on healthcare services?  And is the main reason that ultimately Obama will bomb on healthcare?  Well you decide.  It would seem to be a strong factor.

The mandates and penalties amount to a tax on work, another bad incentive in the healthcare system.  It will only get worse from here as the combined Bill is formed in the weeks and months to come.

A interview with Obama that uncovered his view on taxes and when they are not taxes, a revealing and perplexing perspective.  A must read.

Comprehensive, low-deductible, low-copayment insurance has brought us to where we are today.  We need a better model, not Obamacare.   The two promises Obama made cannot be kept.

More analysis of the Baucus Bill for Healthcare.  It means also an income redistribution from the young to the old, and a heavy burden on the States. The walls are moving in on support for this Bill.

An analysis of the Baucus Bill for Healthcare, from the Senate Finance Com.  It means higher taxes, lower care, and a hefty price tag.   Sound good so far?

The COOP plan in the Baucus Bill is just a public option lite, a wolf in sheep's clothing.  Beware of the attempts to control your decisions and your healthcare.  Is single payer is the ultimate goal?

A Democrat who is a business man takes a look at our healthcare system and proposes a patient-centric solution, all this after loosing his father to bad care, in "A Way Forward".  Audio version

A hypothetical speech written by Stossel on what Obama should said. The difference to what was said is most compelling.  Medicare is bankrupt soon, and our government is ignoring this fact.

Obama gave several examples of what he referred to as insurance abuse. Upon examination the facts tell a different story.  We need honesty in this debate if we are to do the reform well and correctly.

An article on the real motivation of centralized care, the control of scarce resources, which in the end makes resources more scarce.  Case is England's history and eventual outcomes of NHS.

A 10 point short course on the issues in Medicare, and why this should not be extended to the entire population.  Brace yourself for a reality check.

An article from WSJ on how labor unions will win big with Obamacare, and how government will increase its control on health providers and care decisions.

A specific plan for proposal addressed to the President.  It is a 3 year plan that would work and not at any risk to healthcare or to the budget or deficit.

A thoughtful assessment from a Republican Senator, on the state of public opinion.  Spend less to save, not spend more like the Administration wants.

Reform should be about incentive reform, and what are the key issues in this category?  Is it the proper role of  Government to be the gate keeper or the stage setter?