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most of the world has centralized care

Comparison of Healthcare in America with Other Countries

This section and page will concentrate on Canada, England, and France, but throw in some mentions of other countries that are touted as good systems, and after you read these articles, you will not think they are paradigms of healthcare.  Singapore however has received little press, but seems to be closer to a model that would work in the USA.   M<nay of these countries have been held up as out goal, our model.  Daschle, ex-Senator, and without being disgraced would have been the Healthcare Czar.  He had a lot to do with the framework of Obama's healthcare plan, and sees England and Canada as models for us to aim at.  

There is a good story about a cancer patient and what she thinks about the FDA and rationing.  She writes: Mr. Daschle blames the “use and overuse of new technologies and treatments” for runaway health-care costs. He suggests a Federal Health Board modeled after the British “NICE” board to make decisions on health-care rationing.

Healthcare in America does cost more than in other countries (Data), but the claims that it is better in these foreign countries is not always valid.   The perceptions in the Press and often quoted by some politicians about the healthcare in this country being inferior is simply not true.

France rates quite highly in WHO outcomes, but is questioning its own healthcare system at the moment.   In a 2004 study, performed in  a partnership with the WHO, entitled "Health Care Systems in Transition", the following statement was made:

Finally, the financial sustainability of the health care system is a perpetual source of concern, particularly due to the fact that actual expenditure consistently exceeds the targets set. Until now, the high cost of the health care system has been accompanied by high levels of access to health care, but the demographic change expected within the health professions may lead to an increase in explicit rationing in future years.

France also has a union for doctors that must negotiate compensation with the central government.  Imagine that happening in this country.

The percentage increase in other countries has become as high or higher than in US in recent years.  Percent change by Country













 Canada is often held up as an example of better care.  It is clearly not better.  An example:  Man crossing into US from Canada to obtain brain surgery.   Story

Video on Canadian Healthcare:

More from Sally Pipes and Cato on Canadian healthcare, and as well the current payoffs in lobbying in Washington DC.   Video here. (fast forward to Sally's presentation)

And for all of the things that Michael Moore claimed about Cuba, there is this analysis.

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