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in 2009 there is no bigger issue

I did this website for the sake of others. 

If this reform is done wrong, it may take the society we know of as America and make it a much less vibrant place.  It is a huge decision, and one that all citizens should look at very carefully, and some study in earnest.  For more in-depth introduction, see this page.

We cannot rely on the politicians to come up with the correct solution, for they are lead by the myriad special interests.  Some ask to summarize the current problem:  in short it is that we have 58 lobbyists per Congressman.   We must not take a inferior approach to this issue, for that is how it became an issue.

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This is an informational website dedicated to concerned citizens of the United State of America.  All information, opinions, publications, links, events, and notices are intended solely for personal use. 

I sure hope we get it right, for it will cost us a great deal if we do not.


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